The Bridge Baptist Church

A Real Church for Real People in a Real World!

Church Leaders

Our Minister having retired, our Leadership Team currently comprises 3; our Elder (Clive) and 2 Deacons (Denise & Chris).  Read on to find out more!

Our Elder, Clive, is a lively, practical, brother who is one of our regular preachers.  (Our other regular preacher is Dawn, who is also our Worship Leader, but not a member of the 'formal' Leadership Team.)  Clive has a good sense of humour that often surfaces during sermons when appropriate.  Clive loves family gatherings, celebrations, and any excuse to get together.


Clive at Bridge House 2

Our Deacon, Denise, provides a valuable contribution to Church life in a number of ways, not least of which is as Church Administrator.  Another 'committed to family' person, Denise balances responsibilities at home and throughout her family with those she accepts on behalf of the family of God, and we are greatly appreciative of all she does for us as well as for her immediate and extended family.  One of her great talents is baking and we very much appreciate that too! 



Our Deacon, Chris, is a stalwart member of the Leadership Team in particular and of the Church in general.  Married to Dawn (our other preacher and worship leader), both are normally at Church before anyone else setting up, and there after everyone else locking up.

 Chris at Bridge House


The Leadership Team (otherwise known as The Diaconate) are our legal board of Trustees and look after the Church's official business, as well as working together to give a spiritual lead and general direction to the Church as a whole.